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The Australian Cattle Dog

I first fell in love with the Australian Cattle Dog while watching the Australian hit series, McLeods Daughters. The energy and personality of these amazing animals inspired me and I have considered breeding and training them to work alongside stock horses.

The Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) is a breed of herding dog originally developed in Australia for droving/mustering cattle over long distances across rough terrain. Today it is a versatile breed: a courageous and tireless worker, an intelligent and athletic companion, and a loving and playful family pet.

As with dogs from other working breeds, Australian Cattle Dogs have a good deal of energy, a quick intelligence, and an independent streak. They respond well to structured training. They are not aggressive, but form a strong attachment with their owner and can be very protective of them and their possessions.

While individual dogs have their own personalities and abilities, as a breed Australian Cattle Dogs are suited to any activity that calls for athleticism, intelligence, and endurance. They can also be put to work in a number of ways; many are service dogs for people with a disability or are therapy dogs.

In time, we will be breeding our own dogs and training them to work with stock.

Keep watching this space for the arrival of our breeding female!

We’ve already named her "Kiah" which means ‘from a beautiful place.’

When we get our breeding male, we’ll call him "Roy" after Claire McLeod’s dog who inspired me to no end.


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