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Cowgirl Sisterhood

What does it mean to be Cowgirl?
Being Cowgirl is less about riding and horses, and more about what and who you are on the inside. It’s not a fashion but a way of life!

You will find these girls mucking out the barn before first light, feeding their animals at twilight, and silently praying in the moonlight asking God for the strength and courage to face another sunrise.

What does ‘Sisterhood’ mean?

Sisterhood simply means a strong feeling of loyalty among a group of girls – a special friendship.

Why join our Cowgirl Sisterhood?

There is much you can learn from cowgirls that can help you mature into an amazing young woman.
Cowgirls are gutsy, tough, hardworking and honest. A cowgirl spirit is a quiet and gentle firmness that defines what you believe is best for you. It acts as a compass to help you find your way home and it gives you the courage to reach for what others think is impossible. An authentic cowgirl is true to her beliefs, no matter what, and principles like honour, loyalty, faith and courage are at the heart of the cowgirl way of life. Being cowgirl is less about riding and horses and more about what you have on the inside.

Just as nature is eternal, so it is with true friendship.  A perfect blend-ship to help us grow, teach us to reach out to others, and share our dreams. The Cowgirl Sisterhood is about relationships, family and living with cowgirl spirit

A cowgirl has a spirit that cannot be broken and her true beauty is reflected in her soul.

Do you have a “Cowgirl Spirit” bucking to get out?

Tell us about your cowgirl dreams.

Join our “Cowgirl Sisterhood” and make new friends.

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