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Horses provide pleasure, fun, interest, physical stimulation, challenge, goals and repetition, which are all factors conducive to learning.
With their natural intuitive guidance and friendship, horses help humans to live a fuller, more meaningful life no matter what age.


What you will learn about horses…….

On the ground……….

• Staying safe around horses
• Get to know your horse
• How to groom a horse
• How to lead a horse
• Why groundwork is important
• Putting on a saddle and bridle
• How to work and train your horse from the ground

On the horse you will……….

• Learn balance without saddle and reins
• Learn to feel and move with the horse
• Learn about sitting properly on a horse
• Develop confidence
• Learn to use the reins correctly
• Learn to turn, stop and go
• Learn to lope
• To take your horse over obstacles
• Trail riding

Horses will teach you……….

• That it’s OK to be yourself
• About caring for the young, old and all living things
• That looks and fancy clothes don’t count
• To have respect for others
• About friendship
• About patience
• About trust
• About unconditional love



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