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Throughout the ages horses have guided humans on external journeys which lead to healing, self awareness, emotional and spiritual growth.
Because horses connect us with our intuitive core, they can teach us about ourselves, how to nurture creativity, and how we can explore powerful connections with nature and life itself.

Our programmes offer each child the opportunity to learn life lessons through the association with horses, to learn about the human-horse relationship, horsemanship and life skills which will prepare them for their journey into adulthood.

The “Sommersby Horsemanship Programme” is designed to teach each student a broad range of skills as well as how to ride a horse in a relaxed and informal way. We teach students about horse care, horse psychology, grooming, tack, and other aspects of horse keeping.



• Teach well rounded horsemanship
• Teach relationship training for horse and rider
• Hands-on training
• Create an understanding of the “horse-human” connection
• Teach caring and respect for all animals
• The importance of safety
• Provide environment where children can build self-esteem and gain confidence
• Provide enrichment activities to develop an all-round appreciation of nature, wholesome living and spiritual fellowship


Horses will help you to……..

• build self-esteem, motivation and self-confidence
• improve balance and co-ordination
• gain muscle tone and strength
• improve learning, concentration and memory
• to become independent
• enjoy contact with animals
• to develop social skills with others
• encourage good communication
• develop self-discipline and a healthy self-image
• experience a sense of achievement and emotional growth



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