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A Cowgirl & Her Horse

In the world we live in today, it is easy to become spiritually dry.
This dryness filters through our lives to our children and to those around us. Staying faithful becomes an act of will and we find ourselves drifting further away from God because God himself, seems distant.
But God, in his infinite wisdom created a creature whose form would resonate deeply within a woman's soul.
Horses are divine gifts, messengers of hope, intended by God to carry women through rough roads and rocky trails.
By communing with horses children can be taught to believe that there are no mistakes in life, only lessons, and there are no negative experiences, only opportunities to grow.
This book is about a young girl's walk towards knowing God. It is about reaching out to, and empowering young girls to be their authentic self; to follow a spiritual path; and to instil in them confidence, self-esteem, and a healthy sense of self-worth.


As a long time rider and instructor of horse riding but also Believer I want to commend Cesaltina on this book. She has embarked on a tricky journey asking some soul searching questions but still embracing the simple treasure that the horse exudes – the open honest collaboration of mainly physical but also for humans a spiritual experience.
Temple Grandin (The famous Autistic Author who wrote – Animals in Translation) alludes to many of the same parallels.
I can recommend this book as a tool for teaching and as a healing balm for young people especially if they are dealing with aspects of hurt from people.
May God grant all readers insight into His beautiful nature and that of His creation - the horse, when reading this delightful book.
Bernice Binet

I believe that the author has captured the essence of the magical relationship between young women in this age group (12-13) and their horses.  There are certain qualities of patience, responsibility, concern and independence that we hope will develop as our daughters bond with horses, and by following the advice in "A Cowgirl and Her Horse," and using the journal pages as suggested, these gals will develop these values in a step by step method and have more fun with their horses. There are also sound ground work, and riding principles in a very readable format. The girl who is still dreaming of her first horse will find helpful information and preparation for the time when her dream becomes a reality.  I recommend Cesaltina da Cunha's book to these young women and their parents. 
Bob King
Cowboy School, Inc.
Cochise, Arizona, USA



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