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Courage, commitment, passion and dedication define a special attitude, a mental firmness, a quality and strength that is “spirit”, that is Cowgirl.The future of cognitive development, peace and equilibrium in the world depends on women, because in their hearts they recognise the potential for spiritual growth in every situation.
Our vision for the future is to design customized camps, retreats and other curricula that can be offered to bring young girls closer to being their authentic selves, and to help them step out in faith through our “Wild @ Heart Ministry”.


To provide a wholesome and fun environment, unique and valuable experience, where each girl can grow spiritually, emotionally and physically in becoming their finest self, and grow up with spirit.We believe there is a promise that lies within each of us to find that spirit and live with passion, whether you are a housewife, a banker, a grandmother or a cowgirl driving cattle on horseback.


Lift the spirits of children by providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature and the human-animal connection.
Ensure that every Sommersby Ranch programme promotes self-esteem, encourages independence and personal growth, and facilitates connections between individuals facing similar challenges so they can draw strength one from another.
Offer a place of beauty, serenity and safety where girls can experience the joys of nature and the healing that comes from the unconditional love, comfort and acceptance offered by animals.
Our programmes are based on ‘cowgirl’ values of hard work, character development, responsibility, respect, pride in what they do, and the courage to be their authentic self.
Protect the interests of all animals residing at Sommersby Ranch.


Sommersby Ranch is a place where girls can feel healing and loving energy, where they can learn about the beauty of nature, grow in faith and nurture a spiritual path.Each aspect of the Sommersby Ranch experience is designed to enhance well-being and nurture the body, mind and spirit of each individual who spends time at the ranch.
The environment allows for wonderful moments exploring nature, interacting with the amazing animal residents, learning new skills and forging life long friendships.
The guiding principal at Sommersby Ranch is to ensure that every child has a magical, joyful, transformational experience and leaves the ranch with a deeper respect for the environment, a greater understanding of the intelligence and healing nature of animals, an unconditional acceptance of others, and a strong sense of self-worth.




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