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The Cowgirl Ministry
The Things I asked of God

When I asked God to give me strength, He gave me difficulties which I had to endure.

When I asked God to make me wise, He gave me only problems which I had to solve.

When I asked God to fill me with courage, He put me in dangerous situations which I had to overcome.

When I asked God for love, He led to me those who were lost and broken-hearted.

When I asked God to help me out, He gave me opportunities to grow.

When I asked God for blessings, He gave me a good mind and sound health.

God gave me nothing I wanted.

He gave me everything I needed.

All my prayers have been answered.

Society today steers us towards a fallen path of unguided misconduct which makes it easy for us to become spiritually dry and depletes us of a sense of spiritual value. This dryness filters through our lives into everything we do which makes living with faith difficult. And it is during this dry spell that we often find ourselves drifting further away from God, His word, and His ways. Having experienced the healing power of horses in my life, it made sense to use what I knew of, using horses as teachers, to write a book for girls. The book was a combination of spiritual beliefs and horsemanship to empower young girls to be their authentic selves, guide them toward a spiritual path, create an understanding of God’s character through the Fruits of the Spirit, and instil in them confidence and self-esteem. After the book was accepted for publication, I wanted to reinforce and affirm these important principles and beliefs. I decided to continue encouraging young girls to realise their potential; daring them to be themselves; helping them know who they are; steering them towards becoming young adults of influence; bringing them closer to being the powerful individuals they are meant to be. But since none of this would be possible without commitment, determination and courage, I wanted to model the reinforcement on the same cowgirl principles of hard work, character development, responsibility, respect, and pride in what they do, while at the same time affirming the importance of having God in their lives.


Living with cowgirl spirit is not a fashion but a way of life. It’s about learning to be fearless and resourceful, independent, genuine, and above all else, faithful. Cowgirls are determined, they are passionate about life and they are true to themselves.  From an early age they exemplify courage, and perseverance in everything they do. History tells us that it was never easy being a cowgirl, yet these women were – heroic. Not just because of the work they did or the challenges they faced, but because they stood for something. Through hardship, determination and independence, they emerged stronger. They overcame life’s difficulties and turned them into joys, and they were really living life.

An authentic cowgirl is true to her beliefs, no matter what, and principles like honour, loyalty, faith and courage are at the heart of the cowgirl way of life. It is these simple, timeless values we hope to bring to young girls as they prepare to embrace adult life. In a society where ethics are playing less of an important role, young girls need to develop spiritual and ethical awareness as much as academic skills.

The Wild @ Heart Ministry has been inspired by my lifelong dream of being cowgirl, cowgirl ethics and personal principles. We want to encourage young girls to open their eyes and hearts to be them selves and to embrace the lives they have with purpose, perseverance and determination while growing in faith. To ride high in the saddle on the trail of faith requires commitment and takes courage! But as the legendary John Wayne was known to have said, “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.”


When we thought of the, “Wild @ Heart Ministry,” we were also looking for the opportunity to share our faith in a way that was informal and not forced. We want to bring an understanding of God and His character to the young girls who will come our way on the ranch, and encourage them to follow a spiritual path.

In today’s world staying faithful has become an act of will and we find ourselves drifting further away from God, His principles, and His word. The times we live in make it hard for us to display our walk of faith but it’s not impossible and we want to share with others the importance of making God and His love, the driving force in our lives.


Our focus at Sommersby Ranch is to inspire young girls to be self-assured, compassionate, and authentic, and our ministry is based on the Fruits of the Spirit. We want the girls who leave us to step out in confidence and exude the qualities and character of tomorrow’s women of faith.


If you want to grow strong in faith, and muster up the courage to find your cowgirl spirit to become the best you can be, join one of our retreats and we will help you find it, and live it. All you need to do is make yourself available, commit to the spiritual and learning experience, and allow God to respond with miracles.
To every would-be cowgirl out there, we say: keep your hat and boots on and ride to live your best life.

Let ‘em buck!



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