Your Life Is Calling. Are You Listening? It's Beautiful and Unexpected.......LIVE IT!!

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Dedicated to making a difference, Sommersby Ranch goes beyond a traditional approach of teaching to inspire and encourage young girls to reach for the best in themselves.



The Sommersby Ranch Team

Cesaltina da Cunha

An internationally published author, Cesaltina is the founder of Sommersby Ranch. Passionate about horses, she uses them as healers and teachers. She lives her life by cowgirl ethics. It is these simple and timeless values and principles she hopes to instil in young girls as they embrace adult life. Her passion is to empower young girls to be authentic and to become influential women who step out in faith.

Adriaan Pottas

Married to Cesaltina, Adriaan is the co-founder of Sommersby Ranch. He is a constant source of encouragement and support of Sommersby and all their endeavours. He stands strong in faith and belief that through God all is possible and miracles do happen.

Brooke Cunha-Johnson

A cowgirl like her mom, Cesaltina, Brooke has entrusted her life to what she believes. She has an unwavering faith and trusts God with her whole life. She continues to serve the Lord with the conviction that His will is best for her. Her passion is to bring other girls closer to God and His ways, and to share with them the “Fruits of the Spirit.”

Jeanne-Louise Viljoen

Jeanne-Louise holds an Advanced Diploma in Theology & Ministering. She is involved with the Shalom Sanctuary, an NPO created to uplift and restore abused women and children. She is also a volunteer for CANSA and is a talented photographer. Her passion is to share the love revelation God gave her with everyone she meets.

Suzie Kleynhans

Suzie holds an Advanced Diploma in Theology & Ministering and has completed a counselling course with CACE (Certificate of Advanced Christian Education). She is currently involved with the Shalom Sanctuary and is a volunteer for CANSA. Her passion is to heal the broken-hearted and to bring peace and comfort to those who are terminally ill, especially people with brain related tumours and cancer. Suzie also has a great love for kids.



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